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top quality implants


Dental implant istanbul; high quality, high-tech implant systems with world-wide certification.The best implant systems available in the world, at affordable prices with lifetime warranty.


Accurate diagnosis with 3D TOMOGRAPHY Painless treatment and fast healing with dental LASERS Single-visit porcelain crowns over implants with computed CAD/CAM systems.

highly experienced specialists


Highly experienced, academically qualified, friendly dental surgeons and specialists with innovative techniques who strive to enhance the allure of your smile.


"So I am very happy with the dental work and the manner in which I was treated"

"My upper front teeth had got into a fairly sorry state due to neglect, financial constraints and a busy life.

It had got to the stage where I was becoming embarrassed to smile openly when meeting new people and for photographs. But I had an opportunity to visit Bodrum (which is a wonderful resort!) and obtain an appointment with Dr. Berna Atici who very promptly provided an analysis of what was required, what could be done, and to agree the best option for my budget and time availability.

Within the space of a week, so effectively 6 working days I was fitted with 9 crowns which has totally transformed my smile to the extent that one young friend has said without prompting that it has taken 10 years off my facial appearance! Plus Dr. Berna and Steve Clarke were able to arrange for the surgeon to visit from Istanbul so that I could have the preparatory work done for 3 implants in the lower jaw. All of this done with top quality materials and in very pleasant surroundings, I would certainly recommend this clinic and the total cost I am sure is less than half what I would have paid in the UK and maybe with not such high quality materials.

I am not particularly bothered about visiting dentists, probably because I have never experienced any real pain in the past. There was naturally some discomfort as the anaesthetic from the implant treatment wore off but Dr. Berna was careful to prescribe suitable antibiotic and painkillers. That evening I was virtually back to normal and able to enjoy my meal at our beautiful hotel I chose the Acibadem hospital and the treatment by Dr. Berna as a result of an introduction via a very good friend who lived in Bodrum for a few years.

The hospital itself is modern, clean, with a very pleasant ambience, almost like a quality hotel. All the staff were friendly and helpful and Dr. Berna, as well as being very attractive, was very professional with a good command of English, likewise the visiting surgeon.

Steve Clarke, a charming Irish gentleman, is responsible for liaison with overseas visitors and he was very helpful in providing additional info about the treatment and answering any questions so I felt comfortable at all times and that my custom was important. I am very much looking forward to returning for the completion of the implant work next April and have just arranged flights and hotel.

I could go after a minimum of 8 weeks but next April will be a very pleasant time to visit Bodrum. I am delighted with the whole experience and would have no hesitation in recommending Acibadem Hospital and in particular Dr. Berna Atici."


I had a bad experience in Istanbul & the Dentist did not use the implants he said would.I made contact with the Clinic and within a day Steve Clarke was in touch with me to make the appointment possible with Dr.Berna Atici and provide the quote for work I needed to finish my abutments & denture.

He arranged to collect me from my hotel for all my appointments. He was very kind and helpful. It was a pleasure to have him in my corner to help me. Dr. Berna is a lovely kind & very through dentist and rose to the challenge that was required to make my new denture and after a small hiccup has finished and given me a perfect smile that will keep me smiling for years to come.

I have recommend Dr. Berna to several of my friends already and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who may be in need of a good dentist. Acıbadem Bodrum Hastanesi is a brand new hospital with a very spacious and welcoming entrance the dental clinic is bright, spacious and is a very comfortable and is equipped with the most up to date equipment th facilities are second to none in my opinion.